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I'm doing a DK DPS and was wondering about having DW as both my ability bars? Is this foolhardy and maybe do DW/2H. Or is it viable? Question about Using Same Weapons with Weapon. Question in title, can't seem to do it, I've tried to add the weapons to my offhand slots, A Reddit community dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO . PS4[PS4] How can I equip the same weapons in both weapon set. I really just want two ability bars, but it forces me to equipped another weapon for secondary. I only have one sword and shield I use not two.

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Back on topic, it should be possible, but I don't think there will be any benefit to putting the same weapon type in each weapon slot. Posted 13 February - Flair brought to this subreddit courtesy of artist Okiir. When I rolled my DK, I didn't know if I wanted to tank or do DPS. That way, it allows you to retain the same weapon when switching actionbars. I levelled both skill trees, and experimented with two different play styles, ultimately deciding I wanted to primarily do DPS with 2H. Originally Posted by Kith.

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ESO "How to" use quickslots Vdashone Vdashone 3 years ago 6 GlassRabbit posted Send a private message to Jorvalt. It's a freaking video game. You would end up pigeon-holing yourself into one combat style while carrying 2 different weapon types allows to change up your role and fight differently. The API won't even let you mount your horse via AddOns due to a lockdown, so combat related stuff will certainly be locked sorry. The game is designed so that you only have the 5 actions. I ask because on wiki it says for the Guardian that they have 12 possible weapon combinations. Holding the right mouse button will block regardless of whether you have a shield, and reduce damage from enemy attacks. Crafting Alchemy Blacksmithing Clothier Enchanting Provisioning Woodworking. Questions, comments, or concerns? Harlekin Scamp Total Posts: Thank you for re-enlightening me. Send a private message to Halja. Find More Posts by Kith. Founder of the Venchel Crime Family GTAV-IV GT: Sign up for free! Finesse is accumulated in combat by reacting to the situation: If you come across a dead player, you can use a full soul gem to revive them. When enemies glow red, it means that the attack they are using or are about to use can be interrupted. Seerah View Public Profile Send a private message to Seerah Find More Posts by Seerah. But if you can do it, then why not? Switch to Hybrid Mode. The only way I could think of is: Update 15 featuring the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack are now available to all slots mobile casino register on the PTS!


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